Sunday, September 12, 2010

Way, way way too much work!!

Awww shit, my homework is taking away my internet time!! I'll try to put some even better music very soon, and try to put up some useful lifehack stuff.

For now, honest to god my homework is literally like 20 pounds on a scale! I haven't even visited my local /adv/ /b/ or /r9k/ recently, so as you can see I'm not my normal happy self as of now.

HOWEVER, I am still happy and you should be too... you can live, and breathe and be happy! My only tip for now, just make sure you do your homework and do your job, enjoy yourself and unlock thy secrets!!! :)

Quote for now, I presume: "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter." Dr. Seus

Happy living, and try to make others happy too! No trolling!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Eid, and a small message!

This is just my personal philosophy... "Everything is based on perspective." I believe this phrase pertains to EVERYTHING, and it was pioneered by Einstein's theory of relativity!! You can never look at something in only one way, a person, a word, an object, an idea. 9/11 will of course never be forgotten but remember, the generalization to Islam is completely wrong!! Yet, it's strange how muslims ask for freedom to build a mosque in Ground Zero, yet condemn the Quran burning. I say, if they want to burn the books let them!! I don't believe in religion at all but it's imperative to respect others' faiths and beliefs. Everything is perspective!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sleep hacking!

For anyone that hasn't been on lifehack threads, I highly reccomend you get on what is called polyphasic sleeping! You were born under this habit, and you slowly grew away from it as your parents forced you into the lifestyle of sleeping at night and being awake at day.

Read up on it if you haven't, and if you have a free few weeks I HIGHLY suggest you adapt! If you are free 6 times a day, go for an uberman, which is 6 20 minute naps a day. However if you are busy relatively a lot, go for an everyman schedule which consists of one 3 hour core sleep, and 3 20 minute naps during the day for a total of 4 hours of total sleep a day.

This is the same method used by polymaths such as Nikolas Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci and Thomas Jefferson! Maximize your potential, and always remember time is a precious thing you must not waste! You can use it for soo many things, and also after a nap you are very refreshed and your mind will be very active right after, as opposed to one 8 hour sleep. The trick is, your body only really needs what is called REM sleep to re-energize. Most of your 8 hours goes to waste, and only 2 hours of it is REALLY needed (many can argue it does have psychological effects without the other 6 hours, but it won't, and you can ask the many polyphasers already on the internet for some regular questioning.)

Am I currently under this method? No, I found out about it three years ago after watching an episode of Seinfeld, when Cramer decides to sleep periodically. At the moment I've tried many times but I keep failing unfortunately, due to outside pressures from my schoolwork and home :\ I actually have adjusted and believe me, it is like NOTHING you've ever experienced. Days and nights don't exist anymore. Days are extremely long. I had to go back monophasically due to my school's schedule, however I'm currently adapting to an everyman!

So to all, I know I haven't been a part of the circle for the past few days due to my schedule but I highly suggest you manage your time, as well as your sleep! Have a nice life and enjoy! ;)

Monday, September 6, 2010

More advice for the masses!

Everyone's been to lifehack threads, so might as well create some fresh content here!

1. You want to do something? Look it up on the internet. There are countless amounts of things you can do that are all written well on teh interwebz. Look for e-books and audiobooks on certain things, whether it be improving your memory, your sleep, your fitness, anything.
2. Buy a shelf! Trust me after having all your movies, books and games being seen all at once, once and a while you will marvel at how much you've accomplished and how much more you have to go!
3. Learn to write with your other hand! After a few weeks you'll feel as if it were your dominant hand. If you master this, try to practice writing two different things on both hands, at the same time!
4. Boredom is your killer. If you ever come to a stage where you are bored... you are doing something very wrong with your life. How are you curbing this boredom, facebook, video games and random browsing? Whatever it is, I suggest you get yourself moving in a productive state again. Be a polymath!
5. Buy a small notepad, to write all your tasks of the day and coming days. If you really want to be organized, THIS IS YOUR KEY TO IT. Before you sleep, review and write what the next day will be. Constantly read over it. Read what you already did and what you have yet to do. If your schedule isn't too demanding, list the time for every task! Every great person had one of these, it's a way of having an officer look after you when you are doing your work.

That is all for now, and also here's just a daily quote about friends:

“The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.”

That is all, have a wonderful day folks and take a nice silent walk at sunset!! ;)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Have a partner!!! ;) EXTRA long, for extra motivation :3

Let's be honest here, are you lonely? If you are, you need to extend your bonds, and reach out for someone! A girlfriend/boyfriend will tremendously increase your confidence, and give you a reason to do better in life! Besides sex which is very good for your health, it's important to connect with them and ultimately, you understand yourself more even if the relationship ends quick.

So how do you get this soulmate (or not)? Well, first of all you need to stay /fit/! Remember the following quote made by Aristotle, longer version:

"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit."

If you can maintain something for around a week, trust me it WILL become a habit soon enough. If you are slightly overweight and physically unfit, do yourself a favor, put on some shorts and stretch, then run, and do not stop. This is how you can measure your will and bravery, your motivation versus your pain. Run every day, stretch then come back and feed on a cereal-bowl worth of veggies. These complex carbohydrates will keep you going for a very long time, snack on a few delicacies eg. chocolate, just know your limits and don't overindulge! If you aren't seeing any results, I suggest you aren't doing something right. See the 7chan /fit/ board, look for the main faq for more halp.:)

If you don't have straight teeth and are ashamed by it, visit an orthodontist and schedule some appointments for a great smile. Trust me, men and women of all ages from 14-40 get them, it's no biggie to be so old and have them on. 2 years of them, after a month you'll feel weird then after that it's nothing. DO IT!!!

Clear your face of acne, which means don't overindulge in sweets and wash it consistently. Brush your teeth twice a day, three times after eating some strong foods. You're not doing good in school? Either you aren't listening enough in class or you aren't doing the work given to you. Remember what Aristotle said, success is a habit! If you ever wanted to do ANYTHING (AND I MEAN ANYTHING), write it down, and break it down so that you can participate in it every few days. 

Look in the mirror. How do you see yourself attractive? Women aren't hard beings to comprehend, if you can see other men as handsome (I hope there aren't any immature fucks laughing at that), you know women's tastes. Experiment with the way you look, I wouldn't recommend buying new clothing so fast if you aren't sure what you know suits you and what doesn't. 

Listen to some new music, update your playlists regularly. Hear what other people do, read their thoughts and enjoy :) You like a genre, keep looking through it and find new music you enjoy... and it's easy to get into other genres you wouldn't imagine yourself listening to. Go outside regularly, if you really have no one to talk to, my suggestion is to get your basement-dwelling ass up and go outside, and see people! Talk to them, even strangers as long as they have a friendly attitude (if it's someone really uptight, I wouldn't suggest it.) People are very similar, they grow up different and sometimes believe different things, but there's a universal thought-process that everyone makes up: this is why awkward situations exist!

I wrote this extra long and somewhat exclusively for males, if you are female than sorry for the exclusion, I wouldn't know of much females that read my blog! But for everyone, be active and enjoy life, don't waste this precious time you have on ignorant trivial and wasteful tasks!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer's beginning to come to an end...

Which means, the sun won't be up as much anymore! However, this doesn't mean you should be angry/sad at the changing of the seasons, remember it is better to appreciate the changing the seasons than to be hopelessly in love with spring! You won't be able to walk in the beach without wearing layers very soon... but you should take this time to get ready for your round of work coming up!

I made my previous blog "Getting Organized" because everyone's now getting ready for their school/college/work, if not already. It is IMPERATIVE you stay on top of some sort of a schedule, and make absolutely sure the work you do is flawless. If you are virtually glued to your computer, my best advice to you is STAND UP!!!!!!! Breathe, then open your door and start running. Don't stop until you are willing to actually commit to your causes! I know most people won't do that if they read it, but my point is be active even in the most extreme of temperatures!

Or if you can, just visit my page and stare at the background, listen to the music and relax. :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Getting organized!!

It is essential that we all maintain happiness on the inside... and if anything makes you happy then keep doing it, just make sure it's civil! ;)

But besides doing what you love and enjoying lifestyle, it is also important maintain an organized and lively lifestyle, not a lethargic and glutton of a lifestyle. If you want the most out of life, you're going to need to push yourself to higher limits! Bruce Lee once said:

"If you love life, don't waste time, for time is what life is made of."

If you waste time you're wasting your life! But also, remember what John Lennon once said:

"Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted."

Try to keep a bridge between your time to stay efficient and your time to enjoy, if you can have it both ways! You can separate it into 3 things... fitness, study and leisure. Make sure you're body is at it's optimum level: you won't feel lazy to do anything anymore. Study: continually make sure you're on top of you're school work, or if you're done with school try to keep your mind active, remember anything that's not used over a long period of time rusts, whether it be iron, food or your own mind. Learn a new language, memorization techniques, learn to write with your other hand, take another college coarse!! And finally... leisure. This is when you can enjoy yourself and stay happy. If you want to get started organizing, try to keep a small book around you and write down everything you want to do during the day. Check it daily and cross what you've done out, your mind will listen to what's written on paper more than what it tells itself!

That is all for now, stay happy and organized and live your life mates! 

Boxxy... Feel better.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

/b/rother anons! I call you forth!

Please want to know who is active and who's not, if you at least visit my page once every 2 or 3 days please comment, there's a wave of inactive users right now!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Quite a couple of songs added!

Based on popular demand, more songs added for user experience, check it out!!


Have you ever been blackmailed, backstabbed, betrayed, bothered, or turned away by someone close to you? I bet you had an urge to try to do the same to them... it's almost an instinct to some to return the favor back at them.

My personal suggestion would be, confront them about it but don't make a big fuss! Talk to them very serious even if you aren't a serious person, look them straight in the eye and tell them straight how you feel. But don't bring it on violence, or curse at them or do anything back at them. If it's someone you don't know too well just ignore them completely, if it's someone you consistently meet up with, talk to them! They are as socialable (and no that's not a word, haha) as anyone else is. Think about the broad perspective, in the long run it will hurt you even more than the person already did. Besides, if you talk thoroughly enough they will feel just as bad as when they 'blackmailed' you!

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

Enjoy your lives people and relax, remember life is faaaar too beautiful then to waste it on such people or trivial matters. Look at yourself, your hands, your feet, your legs, and at your face. THIS IS WHO YOU ARE!!! This being in front of the mirror, this is where all the glory is... Only you can make your own self to such a state of happiness. Take walks in the sunset, they help too. :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Everyone's conceited on the inside whether we can manage it or not... however, I highly recommend you stop being conceited on the outside and stop showing off!! And this can come in many forms... if it seems like you are showing off, try to cheer up the people you talk to then. :)

Don't show off your intellect, your wealth, your actions, your antiques, your writing, your school grades, your girlfriend/boyfriend or anything else of such! You appear as a conceited fuck who cares about nothing but his/her own selfish interests. You pass off as a horrible friend and one no one would rather hang out with. To be really friendly, respect everyone's own collection and way-of-thinking, even if you are technically higher in a position, you shouldn't boast on such superiority! Show them how they can do it also, how you did and help them learn!! Not doing this, creates a hasty environment and relationship between you and others, and if everyone in the world were to this, the world would be a much better place!

Have a great day people, and have a silent walk at sunset today, visualize your whole life ahead of you, and how glorious and lucky you are to live in this life! It all starts with a grand smile!!!!!!!! :D

TLDR, please don't show off anymore (try your hardest) and if you must, at least guide others to the position to where you are, it will benefit you more than you think!! :) ENJOY!!!!

Freedom for all, REJECT THE ACTA!!!

The life we live right now is as beautiful as it is, because we have no other entities truly restricting us from our rights of speech and privacy. HOWEVER,


I urge you all to firmly reject this regime and withstand this force!! Without our freedoms to say and act as we please, we are nothing anymore!!!!!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Have a nice life! Be yourself!

Hello friends, once again here for your daily update on being happy and staying happy!

And a very very important topic here, it's about being yourself! Everyone has a number of people they admire and look back at. However, that doesn't mean you should start doing the same things he/she was doing, don't start eating the same way, acting or even looking. Just like the person which you admire had his or her own identity, YOU TOO have your own identity and there is nothing like it in this world. It may sound like a rudimentary idea taught to toddlers to cheer them up, but really it applies to every single person on this very Earth!

Be yourself! It may contain parts from things you've been influenced by, but you have your own style and mentality and look. Like a band, they may have influences eg. Led Zeppelin, Metallica, The Who and Pink Floyd, but they also have their own sound even if it reflects from those which it is inspired by.

So my friends, be yourself! There was only one Bob Ross, George Washington, one Yagami Light, one Carl Sagan, one Moot and one Leonardo da Vinci! YOU, YES YOU, are your own special person and there's nothing even like it. You are blessed with this life, you have people around who care about you, and also people who you inspire, whether you know it or not.

TLDR, BE YOURSELF! YOUR INNER SELF, AND NOTHING MORE. And also, take more walks in the sunset. ;D

Couple of songs added!

Here with a status update, put on like 3 or 4 songs I remembered I always relax to! ;D

Again, if anyone has suggestions on awesome songs please say! And otherwise, enjoy your life people and have an amazing time doing so!!!

-Walk in the Sunset

Blog update! This one is about so-called 'weird people'

Hello everyone and I hope you slept well! Even if it's raining outside it's never too late to widen that smile. :)

Now, for some strange reason, people give people the name 'weird' to anyone which they please. But it's all a matter a perspective... to a goth person, someone dressed in black Victorian clothing wouldn't be weird but someone with saggy pants or a nerd, would be weird. A nerd would consider goth weird, a jock would consider everyone weird, and so on and so forth.

So really, there's no clear definition of weird, it's only a matter of your own perspective... but you might as well say 'COOL STORY, BRO!' to anyone that calls you weird, because besides framing you weird, they're telling you how they view the people around them (shit nobody cares about.) Don't be one of these hopeless scums, accept everyone for who they are and look at it from their perspective! Respect the art of eg. science, art, music, sports, politics and reading. Remember, we all come in different forms but our struggles are always the same... we face different problems but the in the end, they cause us the same stress.

So be kind to all, and accept all! Just because someone doesn't listen to black metal, or someone doesn't like computer games or anime, don't worry about it. If you're really talking to someone truly ignorant, remember life is too precious and joyous of a thing to waste on.

TLDR, weird is a supid adjective, and accept people for who they are, and most of all enjoy life!! ;D

Music player added! You can do this too! :)

Hello everyone, I just recently implemented a new playlist on the left of this blog! Press play and check it out, it also has the song that inspired the name of this blog!!!!

In addition, if anyone would like to also join and create a playlist, see this link!!!

If anyone has any questions, ask away! Listen and enjoy, I'll try to put more happy songs in there for you guys :) If you have any suggestions or anything, comment and ask... ;) There's a lot of nifty tricks you can do with your blog, it only takes a little search to find out!!!

Enjoy life, my friends!


We all have different tastes, and I feel a lot of us consolidate our tastes to one band/genre. If you TRULY listened to music, you'd embrace all kinds of it! No matter what kind of critique anyone gives, at the end of the day music is something to be enjoyed and nothing more.

So I ask you to be open-minded! Instead of listening to the same Metallica, or Eminem, or Lady Gaga (and I ask you stop reading here if you do, haha), instead dig deeper into genres that you may have never heard it before. Which brings me to yet another quote, this one from Bruce Lee

"Do not deny the classical approach, simply as a reaction, or you will have created another pattern and trapped yourself there."

 Don't immediately hate music simply because it's mainstream, because there's screaming/growling, because there's someone spurting rhymes, or there isn't even any vocals. You say 'I can't listen to something like that" but in actuality, you really haven't given it enough chances. Give other genres more chances, trust me you will never regret it. Listen to more metal, more classical-rock, more jazz, more hip-hop (and I'm talking about underground), more electronica and more of anything else! You will find yourself more musically equipped than ever, you will enjoy it and understand it more, your library will increase and so on and so forth! It's almost like understanding the good of every nation, or race, or every season on earth; learn to appreciate it differently.

And best of all, enjoy your life! Music can help, and take more walks during the sunset as well! ;)

Friday, August 27, 2010


Just want to go on record, if you've commented on my blogs I've followed! :) I'm deleting many of the comments then, of course not to be rude but just to be.... ya know... so I can sleep at night. :)

Sup anons and femanons! This is about the fucking news!

Hello again, once again thanks to everyone! I'm going to try my best to not post stupid shit like fucking youtube personalities (eg. RayWilliamJohnson, ShaneDawson) I'll post quite intellectual things while making it readable and semi-short. Like that band you loved, then suddenly turned mainstream and turned to shit. :( I shall not be corrupted!

Alright, so we all know about faux and bullshit stories the news tries to sell to us. Aside from that crap, why the fuck do they have to scatter all their stories?! One second you are listening to a great courageous move by your local community service, the next story is about a merciless raper who's on his 20th rape streak and still on the loose. If you know about science, all the great knowledge that is passed around there from the internet, fellow universities and magazines. When do they ever talk about a new discovery in the cell never seen before on the news?

It's as if they WANT to make the scientist, the professor, or the intellectual look for the information. The same should be for everything else! The only real thing they differentiate is the sports, which they usually do later on in the broadcast. Have a whole section for all the murders, so people who want to read about that shit can do so at a certain time! Same goes for the politics, weather, announcements and local. Like 4chan or 7chan or 420chan, anyone who wants to go to /sci/ or /a/ or /jp/ or whatever, can do so without anything else. Sure you might come across some daily porn but that comes with going on those sites!

Otherwise, they only scatter that shit to tell you about certain stories they want you to read, and avoid the others. Fuck the news, FUCK THE NEWS. I'll end it with a quote by the great polymath of the world, Thomas Jefferson.

"Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper."

Hey, once again up for update!!

I'd just like to thank all my readers. You are all so so so phenomenal, I will continue to post about our glorious adventure that we call life. Keep venturing to that neverending pool of bliss, and lay there with the widest smile you can make. I shall guide you. :)

A beautiful day

Once again, hello to everyone, I hope you had a great day today! I have added some ad features, if you barely enjoy my blog at least support the cause! Haha, I know I act like a Bob Ross, or Carl Sagan or Mr. Rogers of sorts but damnit, they are all fucking awesome (also, smoke weed all DAY.)

So anyway, I'm hearing a lot of bullshit about this mosque being built in Ground Zero. Now, first of all I think it's wrong to build a mosque ANYWHERE because I grotesquely despise religion; needless to say, I am also a great man of freedom (Amerifag speaking.) Throughout the history of our nation and essentially the world, newcomers have always been denied their freedoms and through tough times they slowly acquired these freedoms through long and hard struggles (except black people, they still leech all of our taxes for their welfare. trollface.jpg) Sure, they have a history for having a very negligible size of radicals who claim to conquer the world. But what different is it from the Catholic Church, or the Judaism? A century ago and even today, people believed Jews all believed they were superior to all peoples and nations.

Yes, religion is fucking stupid. Anyone who hasn't realized this needs to take 6 months of research as to why this is true, and I'm not talking about watching a speech of Richard Dawkins. BUT, denying freedom is even worse! One day the world will come under the conclusion of the wrongs of religion, but otherwise we shouldn't stop these people from building basic facilities as they please. Personally if I were a muslim and in the position of this Imam Faizal (the one who is constructing the mosque), I would never build it near Ground Zero.

At the end of the day, it is merely a rude gesture and will slowly be forgotten as time goes by. All those YOUDUNGOOFers who are so passionately against this need to look at their own roots. They came from Mother England, where King George I oppressed the minority, and he himself had conquered and ruled by the sword. Otherwise it will never affect anyone especially if you don't live in NY, and if you happen to pass by the place if it is built you will only marvel at how truly diverse this country USA is.

TLDR, if people want to mow fucking lawns, let them.

Life in Essence

Once again, updating, still haven't gotten the 'thing' to work yet, will post immediately when it happens! Till then, here's me talking to myself from a stroll across the sunset.

Trolls are everywhere, no matter what you will have people who hate you (either for lulz or srsbzns.) Unfortunately, life is too beautiful and precious of a thing to even THINK about such insignificant things. Dr. Seus once said:

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

The fact that we are even blessed with life, we must not waste any time living it to the best of our ability. Think about it, out of the 99.99999999% inanimate objects in the entire universe, you are the rare kind which can understand itself and it's surroundings. There is nothing like you in this universe, even if we are surrounded by 8 billion souls that is still a rather insignificant when compared to infinity! Be kind to everyone you meet, we are all fighting the same long and hard battle to live. We all have shit wrong in our lives, they come as different things but the end result is always the same.

Live long friends, fight on and gain power. Become better human beings, be open minded! It's never to late to start doing anything new, whether it be learning a new language, exercising well or talking to someone new. You say that you only have 100 years to live, but make it a worthwhile time. If you truly lived to the greatest of your capacity, you would discover the secret to remain forever young, and immortal - you would live longer the planets, stars and essentially galaxies. All the knowledge of the world is available to those who seek it. Be everything you ever wanted to be, remember there are no limits, only plateus which you must constantly step ahead of. Strive for the best. Be yourself. And most of all, have a fucking blast doing it all. 


Fuck yeah, status update!!

How's it going everyone, making the status update by waiting for certain *ahem* services to start working, until then walk on!!! I'm on top of everyone's blog, great stuff coming out.

Until then, enjoy that undying sunset, which empowers your soul into making the great decisions of tomorrow. You are a work of art. Remember who you are, and who we are!

Enjoy fellow mates ;)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sup fags!

Hey douchebags and fellow /b/rothers, what the fuck is happening. I'll be updating this shit often, in the meantime do your fucking thing and rock on!!!!