Friday, August 27, 2010

A beautiful day

Once again, hello to everyone, I hope you had a great day today! I have added some ad features, if you barely enjoy my blog at least support the cause! Haha, I know I act like a Bob Ross, or Carl Sagan or Mr. Rogers of sorts but damnit, they are all fucking awesome (also, smoke weed all DAY.)

So anyway, I'm hearing a lot of bullshit about this mosque being built in Ground Zero. Now, first of all I think it's wrong to build a mosque ANYWHERE because I grotesquely despise religion; needless to say, I am also a great man of freedom (Amerifag speaking.) Throughout the history of our nation and essentially the world, newcomers have always been denied their freedoms and through tough times they slowly acquired these freedoms through long and hard struggles (except black people, they still leech all of our taxes for their welfare. trollface.jpg) Sure, they have a history for having a very negligible size of radicals who claim to conquer the world. But what different is it from the Catholic Church, or the Judaism? A century ago and even today, people believed Jews all believed they were superior to all peoples and nations.

Yes, religion is fucking stupid. Anyone who hasn't realized this needs to take 6 months of research as to why this is true, and I'm not talking about watching a speech of Richard Dawkins. BUT, denying freedom is even worse! One day the world will come under the conclusion of the wrongs of religion, but otherwise we shouldn't stop these people from building basic facilities as they please. Personally if I were a muslim and in the position of this Imam Faizal (the one who is constructing the mosque), I would never build it near Ground Zero.

At the end of the day, it is merely a rude gesture and will slowly be forgotten as time goes by. All those YOUDUNGOOFers who are so passionately against this need to look at their own roots. They came from Mother England, where King George I oppressed the minority, and he himself had conquered and ruled by the sword. Otherwise it will never affect anyone especially if you don't live in NY, and if you happen to pass by the place if it is built you will only marvel at how truly diverse this country USA is.

TLDR, if people want to mow fucking lawns, let them.


  1. Thanks for reading my blog, and you have my fucking word I shall follow ya'll to the end of the beach!! :D

  2. Quite interesting post you've got there! It made me think and I'd like to return the favor :p

    Religion should be practiced in private/public circle and should have nothing to do with any type of authority for it clouds logical judgement. But it should not be banned, for it gives people rules to live by and provides emotional stability and support for those in need. Kinda like what invisible friends do with children xD

  3. Haha totally agreed David, and thanks for reading!