Friday, August 27, 2010

Life in Essence

Once again, updating, still haven't gotten the 'thing' to work yet, will post immediately when it happens! Till then, here's me talking to myself from a stroll across the sunset.

Trolls are everywhere, no matter what you will have people who hate you (either for lulz or srsbzns.) Unfortunately, life is too beautiful and precious of a thing to even THINK about such insignificant things. Dr. Seus once said:

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

The fact that we are even blessed with life, we must not waste any time living it to the best of our ability. Think about it, out of the 99.99999999% inanimate objects in the entire universe, you are the rare kind which can understand itself and it's surroundings. There is nothing like you in this universe, even if we are surrounded by 8 billion souls that is still a rather insignificant when compared to infinity! Be kind to everyone you meet, we are all fighting the same long and hard battle to live. We all have shit wrong in our lives, they come as different things but the end result is always the same.

Live long friends, fight on and gain power. Become better human beings, be open minded! It's never to late to start doing anything new, whether it be learning a new language, exercising well or talking to someone new. You say that you only have 100 years to live, but make it a worthwhile time. If you truly lived to the greatest of your capacity, you would discover the secret to remain forever young, and immortal - you would live longer the planets, stars and essentially galaxies. All the knowledge of the world is available to those who seek it. Be everything you ever wanted to be, remember there are no limits, only plateus which you must constantly step ahead of. Strive for the best. Be yourself. And most of all, have a fucking blast doing it all. 



  1. yo man, you got some heavy stuff. thought id drop somethin on you to help you be inspired, and to hopefully inspre more people!

    YOU - Live for your fellow man.

    You are truly the selfless being of this world.
    You have the chance to improve this world - this hedonistic, completely physical,
    awesome, beautiful, ever-changing, dangerous, thrilling world.
    Truly improve it. in a real sense.
    invent something. Think great thoughts and write them down. be a change.
    You, You can change the world. you can pass on a better world to your children,
    and your childrens' children, in the good faith that they will do the same.
    And, no, you will not be there to see it.
    You’ll be dead. Dead dead.
    But you’ll die with a smile on your lips. Knowing you were good.
    not 'good' by some idiotic standard invented by superstitious morons 2000 years ago.
    good by your standards. Good in the sense that you made your world better for the future.
    YOUR STEPS will echo in ETERNITY.
    And when this civilization sets foot on Mars, when we establish our first colonies in Alpha Centaurus,
    when we breach the Universe Divide. Someone will be reading your words, or quoting your speeches,
    or utilizing your invention. and they’ll smile. knowing they stand on the shoulders of giants,
    who stood on the shoulders of giants, and so on.
    You are awesome. and you are too good for some weak existential angst.
    So, you’ll die? so will everyone else. its what you do with this day,
    and the day after, and the day after, and every day from this one until you die.
    That matters.

    Go live your life, its right there.