Sunday, August 29, 2010


Everyone's conceited on the inside whether we can manage it or not... however, I highly recommend you stop being conceited on the outside and stop showing off!! And this can come in many forms... if it seems like you are showing off, try to cheer up the people you talk to then. :)

Don't show off your intellect, your wealth, your actions, your antiques, your writing, your school grades, your girlfriend/boyfriend or anything else of such! You appear as a conceited fuck who cares about nothing but his/her own selfish interests. You pass off as a horrible friend and one no one would rather hang out with. To be really friendly, respect everyone's own collection and way-of-thinking, even if you are technically higher in a position, you shouldn't boast on such superiority! Show them how they can do it also, how you did and help them learn!! Not doing this, creates a hasty environment and relationship between you and others, and if everyone in the world were to this, the world would be a much better place!

Have a great day people, and have a silent walk at sunset today, visualize your whole life ahead of you, and how glorious and lucky you are to live in this life! It all starts with a grand smile!!!!!!!! :D

TLDR, please don't show off anymore (try your hardest) and if you must, at least guide others to the position to where you are, it will benefit you more than you think!! :) ENJOY!!!!


  1. If I show people how to do what I do, I won't have anything to do anymore because they'll be doing it and there won't be enough.

  2. OkieDokie, you make a strong point, but that actually makes you better off than you were before. And of course, you shouldn't spurt out everything you know and rant it out everywhere...

    One of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing you've helped others out, and it's certainly a better than keeping a conceited head and not helping others. How have you grown up to where you are, you were given over thousands of years of technology and facts, in the same way you are part of this system!

    Happiness, is the ultimate feeling you can have. You can have more money than someone but if you aren't happy, none of it matters. The great Buddha was a Brahman prince, who had many riches but secluded himself from it all and instead searched for his own truth, and great as such the 4 noble truths. My example here is to show not the fundamentals of Buddhism but how a very historic man chose his own path for enlightenment, over riches!

    I'll quote Leonardo da Vinci here,

    "As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death."

    Hope that helped!! :)

  3. how'd you put the music in your blog ?

  4. I already made a post dedicated to that, just scroll down! :P

  5. I agree completely. Being conceited and arrogant too often leads to people not wanting to be around you.

    It is, unfortunately, human nature to yearn for the feeling of pride.

    But like you said, be proud on the inside, not the outside :)

    One of my friends summed it up pretty well. "If you have anything to be proud of, others will testify for you."