Saturday, August 28, 2010

Couple of songs added!

Here with a status update, put on like 3 or 4 songs I remembered I always relax to! ;D

Again, if anyone has suggestions on awesome songs please say! And otherwise, enjoy your life people and have an amazing time doing so!!!

-Walk in the Sunset


  1. Also have to mention, autoplay added, so that the music automatically plays without pushing play! I put this feature on to further the experience on the blog ;)

    If anyone's really annoyed at that or something, please let me know so that I will change it right away! I made this blog to only better the experience of my viewers, nothing more! :D

  2. I really really really like the music you have on here. Especially the first song and how it matches perfectly with your background. It gave me chills.

    You must send me some of your favourite artists and songs. :D

  3. Will try to add more once I can remember some :)

    Haha thanks mate, the key is to be open-minded! When you've sparked interest with a genre, research and find songs of it!

    If you liked the main song (which obviously inspired the blog), check out Uyama Hiroto and also Nujabes (RIP, he died very recently this year. ;( )

    I also listen to a lot more music but I don't post that here because I wanted the atmosphere of this blog to be very relaxing and soothing, so anyone who sees it will hopefully be relieved. :) Would you believe more than half my library is metal, and from there mostly black metal? Open-minded is key! :)