Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blog update! This one is about so-called 'weird people'

Hello everyone and I hope you slept well! Even if it's raining outside it's never too late to widen that smile. :)

Now, for some strange reason, people give people the name 'weird' to anyone which they please. But it's all a matter a perspective... to a goth person, someone dressed in black Victorian clothing wouldn't be weird but someone with saggy pants or a nerd, would be weird. A nerd would consider goth weird, a jock would consider everyone weird, and so on and so forth.

So really, there's no clear definition of weird, it's only a matter of your own perspective... but you might as well say 'COOL STORY, BRO!' to anyone that calls you weird, because besides framing you weird, they're telling you how they view the people around them (shit nobody cares about.) Don't be one of these hopeless scums, accept everyone for who they are and look at it from their perspective! Respect the art of eg. science, art, music, sports, politics and reading. Remember, we all come in different forms but our struggles are always the same... we face different problems but the in the end, they cause us the same stress.

So be kind to all, and accept all! Just because someone doesn't listen to black metal, or someone doesn't like computer games or anime, don't worry about it. If you're really talking to someone truly ignorant, remember life is too precious and joyous of a thing to waste on.

TLDR, weird is a supid adjective, and accept people for who they are, and most of all enjoy life!! ;D


  1. I just cried over your post, it really reached my cold iced heart

  2. You are a hero. It's good to have newfriends.

  3. Nice post man, totally agree 100%, and im following =]