Saturday, August 28, 2010

Have a nice life! Be yourself!

Hello friends, once again here for your daily update on being happy and staying happy!

And a very very important topic here, it's about being yourself! Everyone has a number of people they admire and look back at. However, that doesn't mean you should start doing the same things he/she was doing, don't start eating the same way, acting or even looking. Just like the person which you admire had his or her own identity, YOU TOO have your own identity and there is nothing like it in this world. It may sound like a rudimentary idea taught to toddlers to cheer them up, but really it applies to every single person on this very Earth!

Be yourself! It may contain parts from things you've been influenced by, but you have your own style and mentality and look. Like a band, they may have influences eg. Led Zeppelin, Metallica, The Who and Pink Floyd, but they also have their own sound even if it reflects from those which it is inspired by.

So my friends, be yourself! There was only one Bob Ross, George Washington, one Yagami Light, one Carl Sagan, one Moot and one Leonardo da Vinci! YOU, YES YOU, are your own special person and there's nothing even like it. You are blessed with this life, you have people around who care about you, and also people who you inspire, whether you know it or not.

TLDR, BE YOURSELF! YOUR INNER SELF, AND NOTHING MORE. And also, take more walks in the sunset. ;D


  1. Ah, but the question is, how to find out who you truly are?

  2. Simple... an Indian Philosopher once said it best -

    "Just be." Nisragadatta Maharaj

    It me sound really vague, but the answer is much more simple than you think. Thinking complicates everything. Just respond to things, naturally. :)