Saturday, August 28, 2010


We all have different tastes, and I feel a lot of us consolidate our tastes to one band/genre. If you TRULY listened to music, you'd embrace all kinds of it! No matter what kind of critique anyone gives, at the end of the day music is something to be enjoyed and nothing more.

So I ask you to be open-minded! Instead of listening to the same Metallica, or Eminem, or Lady Gaga (and I ask you stop reading here if you do, haha), instead dig deeper into genres that you may have never heard it before. Which brings me to yet another quote, this one from Bruce Lee

"Do not deny the classical approach, simply as a reaction, or you will have created another pattern and trapped yourself there."

 Don't immediately hate music simply because it's mainstream, because there's screaming/growling, because there's someone spurting rhymes, or there isn't even any vocals. You say 'I can't listen to something like that" but in actuality, you really haven't given it enough chances. Give other genres more chances, trust me you will never regret it. Listen to more metal, more classical-rock, more jazz, more hip-hop (and I'm talking about underground), more electronica and more of anything else! You will find yourself more musically equipped than ever, you will enjoy it and understand it more, your library will increase and so on and so forth! It's almost like understanding the good of every nation, or race, or every season on earth; learn to appreciate it differently.

And best of all, enjoy your life! Music can help, and take more walks during the sunset as well! ;)


  1. "Be like water"

    Flexible enough to return the favor regularly!

    See you soon,


  2. This is a wonderful piece of text about the beauty of music. :)

  3. dude how do you put a player on your blogg?

  4. Look at the link above, you want to use mixpod

    Signup for mixpod (you don't get a verification from your email, to boot) and then make a playlist

    add songs to the playlist, then click save

    After save, have the option to see the code

    Copy the code, then go to your 'design' tab on your blog

    Choose one of the gadgets, and add "HTML/Javascript"

    Then title it "Playlist", then just paste whatever mixpod showed in the code screen

    save it, save again and then go to view

    It should work perfectly! If you have any problems from these steps please ask further!