Friday, August 27, 2010

Fuck yeah, status update!!

How's it going everyone, making the status update by waiting for certain *ahem* services to start working, until then walk on!!! I'm on top of everyone's blog, great stuff coming out.

Until then, enjoy that undying sunset, which empowers your soul into making the great decisions of tomorrow. You are a work of art. Remember who you are, and who we are!

Enjoy fellow mates ;)


  1. Thanks man! finally got it workin here! its doing great! Please hit up my blog!

  2. I hope you will be soon posting about the 'secret thing' you wanted to do last week with Rachel.

    Don't keep me in the dark all too long :(

  3. Actually Cerberus, I just deleted the *shit* I put up, I'm still waiting for an account to be made. I don't wanna BS everyone by putting up *shit* that doesn't even get anything :(

    haha naith ;)