Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Eid, and a small message!

This is just my personal philosophy... "Everything is based on perspective." I believe this phrase pertains to EVERYTHING, and it was pioneered by Einstein's theory of relativity!! You can never look at something in only one way, a person, a word, an object, an idea. 9/11 will of course never be forgotten but remember, the generalization to Islam is completely wrong!! Yet, it's strange how muslims ask for freedom to build a mosque in Ground Zero, yet condemn the Quran burning. I say, if they want to burn the books let them!! I don't believe in religion at all but it's imperative to respect others' faiths and beliefs. Everything is perspective!!


  1. Happy 9/11!

  2. Kewl story, bro!

    happy 9/11!

  3. Fair enough. Then again, all of us are hypocrite deep down inside.

  4. pigoens... my post... your cheeky comment.
    is this love? :3

    smoochies n' poopies :*