Monday, September 6, 2010

More advice for the masses!

Everyone's been to lifehack threads, so might as well create some fresh content here!

1. You want to do something? Look it up on the internet. There are countless amounts of things you can do that are all written well on teh interwebz. Look for e-books and audiobooks on certain things, whether it be improving your memory, your sleep, your fitness, anything.
2. Buy a shelf! Trust me after having all your movies, books and games being seen all at once, once and a while you will marvel at how much you've accomplished and how much more you have to go!
3. Learn to write with your other hand! After a few weeks you'll feel as if it were your dominant hand. If you master this, try to practice writing two different things on both hands, at the same time!
4. Boredom is your killer. If you ever come to a stage where you are bored... you are doing something very wrong with your life. How are you curbing this boredom, facebook, video games and random browsing? Whatever it is, I suggest you get yourself moving in a productive state again. Be a polymath!
5. Buy a small notepad, to write all your tasks of the day and coming days. If you really want to be organized, THIS IS YOUR KEY TO IT. Before you sleep, review and write what the next day will be. Constantly read over it. Read what you already did and what you have yet to do. If your schedule isn't too demanding, list the time for every task! Every great person had one of these, it's a way of having an officer look after you when you are doing your work.

That is all for now, and also here's just a daily quote about friends:

“The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.”

That is all, have a wonderful day folks and take a nice silent walk at sunset!! ;)


  1. great advice i personally make a mental to do list but the notepad is a great idea

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  6. It's good advice, but I like my floor shelf.

  7. thanks for the comments on my blog... you've got some great content on yours too!

  8. I really should start doing the 5th one. Would improve my productivity by so much.

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